Sunday, July 27, 2008

Making Walking the Dog In the Rain A Breeze

Every dog owner has had one of those rainy spring mornings, trying to balance your dog (or dogs!) leashes, keep your foot holding on the wet grass and sidewalks AND balance an umbrella over you head. Usually a recipe for disaster and no matter what - you get wet. You only have so many hands - one for the leash, one for the umbrella - and, uh-oh - now you need one to be neighborly and actually properly dispose of your pooches morning duties. Sigh. What's a girl to do?!

Well, look what I found via the wonderful pet blog, PetSugar, a hands-free umbrella! Haven't actually bought one myself, as we now live in a house with a fenced in backyard and no longer need to brave the elements for those everyday walks. Now, when it's rainy, we just shove the dogs out the door and watch - hehe! But if I would have known about such an apparatus back in our apartment dwelling days you better believe I would have been one of the first to snatch one up!

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