Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bubble Calendar

I love crossing my days off my calendar at work - each x through the day gives me a sense that time is actually moving. But THIS - oh this would be fun, though maybe a tad annoying for my coworkers. And perhaps a tad ineffective since there is no room to write notes, but hey who doesn't have 2 or three calendars already. You could have one for note taking and this one to look gorgeous on your wall and to pop for your daily dose of bubble-popping satisfaction.

Thanks to Styledash for sharing!


Stephanie Ryan said...

The only problem is that you can't just pop one! It would be all popped in the first 5 minutes of hanging it. Great blog!

Stacy said...

Yeah, I could see the temptation with wanting to go an pop them all at once - it should come with a few extra sheets of bubble wrap incase you get carried away!

Thanks for stopping by and for the wonderful compliment - you made my day! :)