Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chalk Board Love

I wish my pantry looked more like this...though not sure where they are hiding their cereal boxes, stove top or cans of soup - maybe on the other side of that nook you can't really see into. Hmm? :)

Love the idea of decorating with chalk board paint right on the door. Would help us a lot with our grocery list making! My husband and I will always end up with two or three lists - one he has been working on and one I start working on. Most of the items are usually the same - though his do seem to lack wall plugs and laundry detergent and mine are a little less focused on pork chops and ground beef. :)

Loving this garage too! Maybe a more manly color would entice my hubby than this mossy green though - but love how it is all organized and gives a little work space to sit down at. One day, one day....our garage has been on the back-end of the project list here lately.

See more gorgeous ideas of how to decorate with chalk over at Blissfully Domestic


Tara said...

Just found your blog and just wanted to say I love it! I'm looking forward to going through your archives and get inspired by your postings.

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