Thursday, July 22, 2010

Inspiration: Backyard Scrabble Board

My poor husband never gets a break in the summer. My creative juices are flowing - our backyard is really coming together and just when he thinks he's done building things - WHAM! Something like this happens.

First it was a flower bed, then a garden box, then another garden box and another! Then a compost pile, a deck, and lastly a hammock...and then it all slows down a little...

And I read a blog, see a website, read a magazine and again - am inspired! Running at my hubby with plans and babbling about where I envision it'll go. :)

How can I not be inspired with this insanely lovely outdoor Scrabble board idea? And it's so simple (in my head at least)!! A bag of concrete, a shallowish frame, some scoring, some staining - I'll tackle the tiles - he's just gotta do the dirty work. :)

So, if you're looking for me this weekend, I'll be at Lowe's...pricing baseboard trim and concrete stain.

Just in case we lose this article or the link changes - I want to write it down here - so we can remember how to make it!

From Sunset Magazine:

- 5-foot square Scrabble board

- wood frame, then poured concrete and scored it into 3¾-inch squares separated by ¼-inch joints. 

- After the concrete had cured for one month, she colored the squares using water-base concrete stains.

- 100 3¼-inch square letter tiles from baseboard trim.

- Precut, adhesive-backed vinyl letters and numbers at a sign shop, stuck them on the tiles, and sealed each one with spray lacquer. 

- The lightweight letters, which are stored in a canvas bag, fit on metal trays


rachel said...

how fun! I love scrabble :)

Tiffany said...

OMG!! Scrabble is my favorite! I love this project! I want one!! Maybe this could be a project for when I purchase my first home. Love, love, love! Thanks for posting it.

Sarah Nicole said...

What a fun idea! If you end up making it, let us know how it goes!