Monday, January 12, 2009

Crocks & Jars

Love old canning jars....especially the blue tinted ones. I also have a weakness for large old crocks. Especially ones with numbers on them - must be the typography lover in me. Not sure what I am going to do with one once I get it, but I still want one. Don't have a lot of counter top space in my kitchen and don't really have a cupboard or anything to put it on top of. Maybe set it by the front door as an umbrella stand or keep in the living room as a catch me all....hmmm?


TMC said...

Crocks are awesome. I love crocks and ceramics.

Dawn said...

I don't blame ypu about the crocks, too few to find.

LeAnn said...

Luv crocks! Why not put an already potted plant in it for awhile then it can easily be removed for another use. If it a smaller but a fuller style of plant use a coffee can or box to elevate it. Crocks are very sturdy but HEAVY!