Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Found Object Christmas Tree

I know Christmas is over - boo! But I still have a lot of yule-tide imagery to share - bear with me!

Loving this brilliantly creative Christmas tree by Dutch graphic designer Jane Schouter. She made it with objects she’s collected over the years - what a great idea!!

Found via many different blog venues - but most recently refound at WeeBirdy!


Dawn said...

That's sweet! No mess, no fixin' lights, and couldn't that be displayed all year? So cool!

Stacy said...

It is great isn't it?! It could be displayed all year! Time to start collecting odds and ends!

notes from the ordinary said...

the tree on the wall is amazing! What a great idea!!

Stacy said...

Notes from the ordinary - It is amazing! I hope to remember to collect things long enough all year to make something like it. Thanks for stopping by the blog!